Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Bye Bye 2008

happy new year Pictures, Images and Photos

Talk to you next year ....

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Christmas begins ...

When you get your first present!!

We hosted the "Walsh" annual christmas get togethere here in our place last night. Twenty two adults, three teenagers, and nine kiddies (ranging from one to 11). So it was a full full house.

We do a kriskringle on the gifts and I got that beautiful necklace, which is even more delightful in real life, its very 3d like, and I would say its hand crafted.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Pretty girlie nails...

Yay ... got new nails!! (stuck them on myself!!)

Funny stuff kids say!!

Yesterday was Liadan's carol show in school. In the hall. The kids were all great - no surprise there! She enjoyed it enormously - which is the main thing.

However - some idiot of a man - whom we can only presume was another daddy - kept standing directly in front of me and Des. We always go to the back of the hall, that way we can stand up or even on chairs to see (the joys of being somewhat short). So there we are with our backs against the wall, Des has the camera in his hands, and this idiot walked in with his video camera - and despite that fact that there was nobody else there - he stood right in front of us!!

I had to ask him to move. Then he did it again - again I asked him to move. And do you know he did it a total of SIX times!!??

We would have thought we had an invisibility cloak on but when we told Liadan she says ....

"No mum - I could see you!!"

That was the funniest bit - she took our comment at face value!!lol

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Donneycarney crop

First there was a class by Lainey ... lots of lovely cutting out and making!!

Then there was lunch. A raffle where I won a twenty euro voucher to The Scrapbook Store Yay!! Then we had the secret santa...see post below.

Then we had a class by Annamarie from the scrapbook store.

And of course - I stickled the wings ..there is a second page...


Secret Santa Stash ... Yummy!!

Thank you Secret Santa...!!

Various stuff I made...

Some chocolate biscuit cakes ..!!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas cards ....

Pink Glitter - based on a design I saw on craft supplies - pretty sure it was by lollipops!

I always have wee bits of paper left over, so this is what I do with them. It works for birthday cards too.

I just like black and white ... add in a wee bit of pink and your done...

Again with the black and white, I liked the topper here, got it in a pack free from a magazine. Free? sure the magazine only cost nearly seven euro.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Christmas Card

Saw this card on the docrafts site, and made my own version of it. I love the pink sparkly paper. It has the greetings in French as its for my mosiac teacher Fiona, who is from Bordeaux. She loved it by the way!! She gave us all lovely homemade spelt cookees as a christmas gift. Yay - home made gifts are the bestest!!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Card ....

Using Jackies instructions on her blog I made a lovely card for Tara's 11th birthday...

Really really enjoyed making this card. Its even nicer in real life - they always are!! There is a lot of 3d bits and use of stickles!! Hope she likes it now.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Wow ... where has that time gone?

Its been extreemly busy over the past week or so.

Just to give you an idea ...

Thursday last - took a trip out to musgraves cash & carry to buy the sundries for the craft fair on the sunday. Passed the Ikea building on the way - glad to see its only going to be a ten minute drive from my house - or will I be glad?! Will everything in my house end up coming from Ikea!!

Then the Friday - well in the morning I had the ever enjoyable weekly trip to tesco for the food shopping... Does anyone out there enjoy this ???

Then an hour round trip drive out and back to Trim to collect my niece (who was staying with us for friday evening thru to saturday night) - made good time actually all things considered. I had to for-go attending the opening cermony for the new special needs classes in CETNS to do this , but I havent yet learnt to do two things at once... when I do - watch out world.

Tara & Liadán - all set for the Toy Show!

Friday evening was the wonderful Late Late Toy Show. Thank the goddess for bulmers. Thats all I can say. Its nice to all sit together for a change, and we did have a roaring fire going .. so it wasn't all bad. And as I said ..there was bulmers!!

Roisin & Liadan "helping"


Saturday Liadan did gym, then we set up the hall for the Craft fair, held on the Sunday and which was a tremendous sucess. There were people in all day from 10am onwards. We finished up at 4.30 as it had eased off by then. We - as the school p.a. did very well out of it, raising near to a thousand euro. Me - as a stall holder did great - I took in over two hundred so I was happy. And one of the stalls was a fund raiser for the Irish Guide Dogs and they raised 680 euro!! For that alone it was worth every minute of the time it took me to set it up.


Monday morning was a lovely relaxing morning at stress free wind down sitting making stuff!

Tuesday I was out to lunch with the ladies!! Avoca for lunch and shopping. Except all we did was look at stuff and figure out how to make it! The joy of hanging around crafters...

Wednesday - well I had five different places to be. First I went to get more food for the house. Well they will keep eating the other stuff. Then I had to go up to the aquatic centre for L.'s swimming lesson. Then I was supposted to attend Sean's parent teacher meetings. Then L.'s dance class were doing their end of term show. And I had to pick Roisin up for an appointment. So I skipped the parent teacher meetings....

Today I had another craft fair to attend, thankfully this time I was just selling stuff. So that was easy enough. Fared much better than I thought. Thats five craft fairs this year. Three were sucessful. One fairly ok. and one disastar. So there ya go...

That was my week.

And in the middle of that Des asked me why I did not go to the gym this week. . . . .?

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Your Elf Name Is...

Minty Sticky Fingers

Jeanhas a great give-away (again!!)

Its worth a shot. Her other half has been a brave man and bought stash as a gift.

Wish Me Luck .....Please !!

I must have been mad...but I set out to organise a craft & gift fair in Liadán's school.

So tommorow all going to plan I will be responisble for 24 stalls and a coffee shop.

Castleknock Educate Togethere National School
Beechpark Avenue
Dublin 15.

Opening from 10.30 ish untill about 5.00pm. Its going to be a long day. Its been a manic week, and its not over yet.!!!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Take one basic cake ....

Take a basic cake shaped like this ...

Colour some roll out icing ...and keep some white...

Then after a little bit of time and effort you can get this ...

Or ... you can colour some buttercream icing ... add some plastic toys and end up with this ..

This first cake I made on Thursday for a 21st birthday party. It didn't turn out quite as good as I would have hoped but its not too bad. The second is for my Nephew who is six this weekend, and despite me trying to get him to go for something more interesting and challenaging (for me!) this is what he wanted! So ...what can you do. Its fun looking anyway and I am sure the kids will love it.

But both cakes started off the same !!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Stolen photos...

Been surfing and finding photos of my DD...

Terra, Ryu & Ken

Ellen & Roisin - both costumes made and designed by Roisin

Sakura & Terra

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Thank the Godess its done!!

I had my card demo tonight. Thankfully over and done with now!

I was all systems go. Prepared myself well, set up five different card styles to make, and even set up for making those gift bags that Kiki showed us how to make.

So was feeling fairly confident. I had been asked to make some christmas cards to sell on the night, and had made 40.

So ...

At 3pm this afternoon I got a call from the organiser, asking me how many cards I had for sale. I tell her 40 and she insists that I would need more. So I rushed out another 20 this afternoon.

I was to meet her at 7, and despite getting lost on the way, managed to make it in time.

All going grand so far....!! And in fact I was feeling fine - but then. I get there to discover I am second on the bill after a flower arranger - who let me tell ye was brilliant!! (I am so taking up flower arranging next...) she had the gift of the gab all right.

Then its my turn. On a stage, with a wireless mike, and a belly full of nerves. I speed demoed the first two cards. And then settled into it - and the last bits went grand.

But it seemed to go ok. And afterwards when people came up and asked me questions that bit went excellently!

I had thought it would be - perhaps - me sitting at a table where I could hand people stuff to look at.

Its all a learning curve.

Managed to sell a few cards out of it too. And they seemed happy enough with the evening.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Bloomin Christmas...

I am feeling less and less enthusatic about christmas as the years go on. Right now I wish it would just all go away.

I have found myself wandering around the shops wishing it would all just go away.

As this is - in all probabity - the last year we will have the mad in red visiting - I think this may be the last year I actually do christmas.

I think next year I will just skip it.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Six things....

I have always liked the number six...


6 TV Shows I like

1. Desperate Housewives
2. Property Ladder
3. House Hunters
4. Scrubs
5. Friends
6. Grand Designs

(you can see we now have "the sky"!!)

6 Things that Happened Yesterday

1. I skipped the gym and went to Tesco instead. Should have gone with option A.
2. I drove out to Walkinstown just to get a school book.
3. I got badly lost in Walkinstown.
4. My kids ate all three packets of the bickies I bought in Tesco.
5. I spent the afternoon cutting up bits of glass for my Mosaic.
6. My mother turned 69.

6 Things I am looking forward to

1. Christmas. Cause I hate the run up to it. We are so so busy.
2. Getting older.
3. Having a nice glass of wine later tonight.
4. The craft fair.
5. Wednesday nights card demo.
6. Bedtime.

6 Things on my wish list

1. Laser Eye Surgery.
2. Magically becoming a size 12.
3. Range Rover Discovery silver - I would settle for a green one.
4. To be taller overnight about four inches.
5. For Des to be taller by about the same! .. to keep the proportions correct.
6. I guess the winning lotto numbers would come in handy too!!

So how about you?????????????

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Manic two days ...and not over yet!! Yesterday, droped L to school, went to coffee with galpal (yes I know its a hard life!). Drove up to another school, picked up another friend there, drove over to Clane for some cake stuff as I have a few orders in for this month. Including a Liverpool jersey for this coming Sunday.

After that it was over to Finglas to pick up L from her playdate, that took over two hours - and another cup of coffee!!

Then in the evening it was over to my mums to collect stuff from her house, she is in the states, and drop it to my MIL. But we forgot the keys - dough!!

Today we - Des & I - did a science workshop with the kids in Liadans class. Terrific fun. Will post more info and photos tommorow.

Back to my mums - with the keys this time - picked up stuff for MIL - dropped it to her - then due to the mess that is the M50 it took almost an hour to get home, where it normally would only be 15 minutes....


Have to take DS up to the shops for a new jacket tonight ....

Monday, 10 November 2008

Roisin is going to a Cosplay convention next weekend and has been working hard on her costume ...


She made all bar the wig herself. Handstitched the bodice and skirt. Then she recycled my boots - took them out of the bin no less! - and painted them gold and red. Painted onto the tights, and made the cloak, which also has a paint job done on it.

The wig is super cool looking !!


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Trying to win something!!

lovely markers ...

Back at the Gym....

And oh boy but do my legs feel it !!!!

Started back at the Aquatic Centre Gym yesterday. Will have to talk to them about the tv choices but apart from that it was grand. Still some very familiar faces despite it being two years since I was there, and they remembered me too. Which I shall take as a good sign.

So hopefully I will be able to get a handle on my weight. Dr. has me on extra tables for the thyroid problem, and he has me on 300mg of iron a day too. So I am feeling good.

Long may it last.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Time moves on ....


We had a good halloween. Sean had seven friends over and Roisin had seven of her own. So the house was full, all sixteen teenagers had a sleepover. And they actually slept - so that was something. Roisin's crowd were so noisy and loud it was unbelievable - and it was Sean's gang who were drinking!! As most of Sean's crowd are 18 or very near it we allowed them a drink, but kept an eye on the amount. And all went well.

Better that they are all here under our roof and our supervision than hanging around the fields, I think.


Went to the knit & stitch show in Dublin. Took in two days this year. Thursday with Lesley & Janet. And again on the Sunday with Roisin. Great time each day. Got some good bargains - and even more stuff!!


And here we are again on Monday.....back at mosiacs class.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thursdays thoughts

Spent yesterday with my mum, got her flights sorted out for going over to America. I am so so glad she is going, its even better than I thought it would be as my two Aunts are able to go too.

So at least Auntie Ann will have all her sisters with her.

I got to talk to her last night too. Your heart would split in two for her, the poor poor woman, no mother should have to go throught this. He must have been so ill and so depressed to have taken this step. His troubles are over, but his family, they are just starting.

I always liked my auntie in a distant aunt sort of way, but two years ago I was lucky to get to spend five days in NYC with her, and that was when I learnt to really love her.

She is such a beautiful person, so kind and loving. I hope she can learn to live with this.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Bad News

My youngest cousin Alex (25) has been having difficulties in his life, lost his job, his girlfriend and got into some trouble with the police.

Anyway it all must have gotten too much for him.

He shot himself in the head.

We dont know exactly when yet, they found him yesterday. His Dad and Brother-in-law are travelling up to his place in Texas from New Mexico to identify his body, and have him cremated before bringing his ashes home.

What a loss. My poor Auntie ...what she must be going through. Its just so hard to even think about.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Bankholiday Monday........

And we are off looking for floor tiles for Cavan. I hate this type of shopping, hate having to make decisions about decoratrating stuff. I guess because I hate having to decorate. So I always want to just not do it, so we try to pick something and stick with it!! Our bedroom here in Dublin has not been repainted since I did it while pregnant with Liadán - who will be 10 next birthday.

Cavan now has the kitchen presses in and as of yesterday we now have a cooker - yay - now we can eat!! We have to bring up the fridge next - bit of a bigger job there. As far as I know you have to keep them upright?

Did a bit of crafting - one of the girls on craftsupplies was running a challenge to make a Halloween card. It sure was a challenge - all we got was three bit of paper!! One black one orange and one green. And we had to base it on a film that scared us - well as I don't really do scary movies I went with my favourite SK book :

And funnily enough that scene turned out to be top of the list on channel 4's 100 top scary moments!! How cool is that.

Did some stamping on candles ....:

And in other news I have been booked to do a card making demo and will be getting paid for it!! So trilled with that.

Will be giving away some blog candy soon ... if there is anyone out there !

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Smells of October


Leaves falling


Bonfires - but not just yet

Best of All.......

the three fruit cakes I am baking today!!

Oh the smell in the house is just devine.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Swap Stash....!!

I was feeling very low and blue one day last month so I arranged a swap group on Eighteen girls signed up and we were up and running.

I now take my hats off to anyone who has done these before with bigger numbers...there is a lot more involved in sorting out who has who than I imagined.

But it all went well and I got some lovely stash from a mystery giver as the girls did some jiggling to ensure I got from a secret sender!


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Up to Date....

Dont seem to have a minute to myself lately. So must update the blog now.

Mosiac class has restarted again on Mondays, this session I am making the splashback for the kitchen in Cavan. So far so good, got the drawing transfered onto the wood, and got a start last monday. Forgot to take my camera with me. So will update this with a photo soon.

Started a crochet class too last wednesday. That was great fun, have not crocheted in years but it came flooding back. Made a wee hat, its a little too big for Liadan's dollys but she has taken it gladly. Have started on one for her now, she insists it must match 'tiny tear's' one.

We got a bit further on the kitchen in Cavan ...

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Monday, 15 September 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I havent been posting but I have been making !! Found a kit that had been put to the back of the box for a while ...






Then did this ... following a sketch


This one from a magazine sketch


Monday, 8 September 2008

Open Top Bus Trip

Yesterday - Sunday we went out around Dublin on the open top bus. It was great fun. Good value too at 36 euro for a family ticket. Its a hop on hop off bus trip, we had done it years and years ago with the older two kids, but Liadan had never been. I would highly recommend it - even if you have lived in Dublin all your life its a new viewpoint on the city.






Just to prove I exist ... or do I?!?