Thursday, 15 September 2011

Last family wedding .....

Des's youngest brother got married yesterday. I first met Keith way back in the day when he was a wee blond headed toddler of only two years..... so it was lovely to be there at his wedding to the beautiful Katie.

It was a wonderful day, the last of both families to be married, them both being the babies! It was the most planned out day I have ever attended. So much attention to detail.

I did the cake ... the flowers were not sugarpaste but fresh (which was a bit scary to be honest from a cake bakers point of view) but the bride is ALWAYS in charge when it comes to the final decision !!

It turned out looking quite nice and everyone seemed to love it but I was not a bit happy with that middle layer :-(.

The bottom layer was chocolate biscuit cake, the centre fruit and the top is red velvet - which is delish - so if you've never made it - away with you and try it out.

Or wait for an invite to mine some time.