Monday, 3 November 2008

Time moves on ....


We had a good halloween. Sean had seven friends over and Roisin had seven of her own. So the house was full, all sixteen teenagers had a sleepover. And they actually slept - so that was something. Roisin's crowd were so noisy and loud it was unbelievable - and it was Sean's gang who were drinking!! As most of Sean's crowd are 18 or very near it we allowed them a drink, but kept an eye on the amount. And all went well.

Better that they are all here under our roof and our supervision than hanging around the fields, I think.


Went to the knit & stitch show in Dublin. Took in two days this year. Thursday with Lesley & Janet. And again on the Sunday with Roisin. Great time each day. Got some good bargains - and even more stuff!!


And here we are again on Monday.....back at mosiacs class.

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j said...

Liz i am sorry for your loss hun as i know the pain it causes,my nephew was only 22,the aftermat is horrendous so {{hugs}} to you all.Great to see you back blogging hun :):).
Love the pumkin,mine was so sad...lmao...