Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pumpkins - 2011

As the local shop had pumpkins for only 2 euro each we each did one this year....

Des got all creative with his wood carving chisels (which we all figured was cheating somehow..) and did Yoda

Liadan spent most of the time deciding on what to do, and then produced this wonderfully scary one, which we all loved except Liadan!

Roisin's is a firey devil ...

And I was pleased with my own effort this year ....

Even if I did have to do some dental repair work with a cocktail stick .... ! :-)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Happy Girls ....

We have not been able to have cats for a number of years as Liadan was alergic. She was also severely asmathic but has been off any medications for about three years now. So we really wanted to be able to have cats again.

Earlier this year I signed up with the DSPCA and became a foster 'mum' to an adult cat and too kittens, and we were able to test the waters with L, safe in the knowledge that we could give back the cats if need be!

The end result is that we now have two kittens :

Who are rapidly turning into cats! They are loving our garden now that they are settled enough to be let out ... although they did manage to get stuck up a tree!

And clearly Liadan seems to be ok !!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Last family wedding .....

Des's youngest brother got married yesterday. I first met Keith way back in the day when he was a wee blond headed toddler of only two years..... so it was lovely to be there at his wedding to the beautiful Katie.

It was a wonderful day, the last of both families to be married, them both being the babies! It was the most planned out day I have ever attended. So much attention to detail.

I did the cake ... the flowers were not sugarpaste but fresh (which was a bit scary to be honest from a cake bakers point of view) but the bride is ALWAYS in charge when it comes to the final decision !!

It turned out looking quite nice and everyone seemed to love it but I was not a bit happy with that middle layer :-(.

The bottom layer was chocolate biscuit cake, the centre fruit and the top is red velvet - which is delish - so if you've never made it - away with you and try it out.

Or wait for an invite to mine some time.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

just some recent stuff !!

On with the catching up of recent events within our little lives...

Róisin graduated from secondary school:

She is heading now next September to do a one year Portfolio preperation course - focusing on Fashion and Textile design. So she is one of the lucky ones not dependant on her leaving results later this month.

One recent windy monday lunchtime - one of my favourite trees was a casualty of the wind.

We had to get the rest of it cut down, and while we now have enough wood for the coming winter - I really miss that tree!

And Liadán turned 12. And the hormones have kicked in. Which is ............. nice?

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mammy-in-law's birthday

My Mammy-in-law was 70 this week. And earlier this year - at my niece's communion - I jumped in and offered to make the cake. One of my sister-in-laws (I have seven of them) works in Superquinn ... who would want to have been her these past two weeks!! scary times for her, her daughter and my brother-in-law who have all been wondering about their jobs - but I digress ....

Anyhow - said sis-in-law usually gets the walshies birthday cakes - but not this time !! This time I got to play around a little.

I as per usual did not manage to get a good photo of the cake but it was terrific!

I used a decent (read a lot) of edible glitter and had a ball. Despite a disaster when baking the bottom layer when I completely forgot the recipie and had to throw out a large cake!! Thankfully I then remembered how to bake and away we went.

The top layer was chocolate - and delish - and the bottom was vanilla - and I got tired and didn't go ahead with the third layer!!

It was a major hit at the party and I have managed to already secure two further bookings on the foot of it!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

A year has passed....

.... since I entered anything onto my blog. And I have been thinking a lot lately that I should start to reblog.

So lets start by showing off Róisín's 18th birthday cake ...: