Monday, 10 November 2008

Roisin is going to a Cosplay convention next weekend and has been working hard on her costume ...


She made all bar the wig herself. Handstitched the bodice and skirt. Then she recycled my boots - took them out of the bin no less! - and painted them gold and red. Painted onto the tights, and made the cloak, which also has a paint job done on it.

The wig is super cool looking !!



Dianne said...

WOW she looks amazing - lots of hard work gone into that I can see & that wig is just stunning!!

j said...

What an amazing little lady you have there,a designer in the making i think ;);)
Well done Roisin :):)


Julie M said...

Great costume. I love what she's done to your boots. (What's a cosplay, btw?!). Julie M. P.S. See, I'm commenting on your blog at last!!!!