Thursday, 19 June 2008


Today is the day. At last we have finally reached the off. We are heading off to France on Irish Ferries Oscar Wilde 5pm sailing. Arrive in Roscoff tommorow morning 10 am.

My back is still quite bad, but is deffinately on the mend - which is the best we can hope for at the moment - I am living on the painkillers and waiting for the Anti-Inflams to truely kick in.

The plan today is to drive for an hour, then get out and walk around for at least another hour, then drive again for the last hour and a bit. That should keep me ok.

Tommorows drive is only expected to be another two and a half hour job. But again we will break the journey.

Spent most of yesterday trying to pack, very difficult for me. I find it very very hard to ask for help... and the blooming teenagers are not much help anyway. Its no good if you have to go looking for them to do some minor task that you can normally just do yourself without thinking about it. Who would think that you could miss being able to put on the washing!!

Darling Eldest Daughter has had to repack her stuff ... we had to tell her that even though we are bringing the car there still was not room for her five big bags of stuff!!!!!!!!!!

The Boy has decided to stay up all night so that he can sleep tonight on the ship, so expect him to be like a bag of cats by four o clock. He is already living on coffee ..... there will be a killing later.

Ah no sure it will all come together in the end ... wont it?!?

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Back Trouble

Yesterday I got out of the car, and whatever way I steped out I threw my back out of joint. So yesterday was a dead day. I had to go and get an injection from the doctor, and he put me on painkillers and anti-inflamatories.

Thankfully they are starting to kick in now.... but I have no idea what the painkillers were, but I feel like I am only coming up for air now!!

Fingers crossed it will be well on the way to being mended by Thursday when we head off to France.

Early morning .... Garden visitors ..

Both Desmond and I love the garden in the early morning. Today we had a special visitor who we dont get to see very often...


He was a fine healthy looking chap, lovely shiney coat and bushy tail. He had a good old mouch around the garden, then he either smelt or heard Des as he was off like a shot...

Of course he was looking for our other regular visitors ... who the kids and I love, but Des is not so keen on. But then again it is his vegetable patch which has drawn them to live here in the first place...!!


We have we recon at least three families of these guys living with us this year. The babies are the cutest things you ever saw - unless of course you find them in with the strawberries!!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Irish Health System

So anyway after the fair yesterday my sisters little guy arrived in with his dad and sister. He had crashed his bicycle into a pole in the phoenix park and knocked out one of his baby teeth.

He looked dreadful ... his lip was all cut and swolen up very badly. He also looked to me, my sister and one other mammy there ...totally out of it and shocked to the core.

So my sis took him straight up to the A&E, in Mullingar as its the nearest to their house, and was only really a short drive from where we were.

He was seen by a nurse first off, then the doctor checked him out and thankfully was happy to discharge him with the advice to go to the dentist this morning to be on the safe side.

They were back out in there car so quickly that they did not qualify for parking charges!! Took all of 25 minutes ....

And people knock our health service.... She rang me there just a few minutes ago, they have seen their local health service dentist this morning and all is well.

First try at selling cards .....

Well I set up a stall selling cards on Sunday at our school summer fair. It was perhaps not the best arena for selling craft stuff, as people come along looking for absolute bargains, but it went remarkably well really.

I have been making making making away for about a month now, and did up some framed blank scrapbook pages too.

I went with 3 euro each for the cards or two for 5 euro so there was some element of a bargain there.

I only sold one frame, but the cards did go well, and I ended up taking in 140 euro altogether. Which I think was pretty good really.

What did I learn ?

Firstly to bring something for me to do, it was quiet at times and I should have set myself up with a small work table and been pottering away. It would have looked good too...shown people that they are very diffinately handcrafted!!

Second lesson was with the scrapbook frames, I will print out some mock photos and insert them into the frames, so people get a better idea of exactly how they work. I spent ages explaining what was very obivous - to me anyway- to a woman on sunday, so a mock up may be easier for people.

But aside from that it was a good day.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Same Kit ...again

Made a few cards too.... feels like this kit is never ending. I still have loads left and then today I got even more from the monthly kit.




She likes to run ....

Monday, 9 June 2008

Same Kit Yet another Day.....


Still working on the same kit.... !! Have made a few cards with it too... must upoad them.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Two Weeks to Go

Till we are off to sunny (we hope) France. Actually we will settle for simply dry, and not too cold would be nice too.

Meanwhile I have been making cards to beat the band. I think I have almost 120 made now, and six blank scrapbook layouts.

I entered the craftsupplie card competition with the card I made for Liadan's brithday, she was having a wizzard of oz party ...

rainbow card

I didn't win but .... I was glad I entered anyway!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Same Kit different Day!!


I got a lovely frame for this to sit into and am hoping to sell it at our summer fair.