Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Thank the Godess its done!!

I had my card demo tonight. Thankfully over and done with now!

I was all systems go. Prepared myself well, set up five different card styles to make, and even set up for making those gift bags that Kiki showed us how to make.

So was feeling fairly confident. I had been asked to make some christmas cards to sell on the night, and had made 40.

So ...

At 3pm this afternoon I got a call from the organiser, asking me how many cards I had for sale. I tell her 40 and she insists that I would need more. So I rushed out another 20 this afternoon.

I was to meet her at 7, and despite getting lost on the way, managed to make it in time.

All going grand so far....!! And in fact I was feeling fine - but then. I get there to discover I am second on the bill after a flower arranger - who let me tell ye was brilliant!! (I am so taking up flower arranging next...) she had the gift of the gab all right.

Then its my turn. On a stage, with a wireless mike, and a belly full of nerves. I speed demoed the first two cards. And then settled into it - and the last bits went grand.

But it seemed to go ok. And afterwards when people came up and asked me questions that bit went excellently!

I had thought it would be - perhaps - me sitting at a table where I could hand people stuff to look at.

Its all a learning curve.

Managed to sell a few cards out of it too. And they seemed happy enough with the evening.


Dianne said...

Oooh rather you than me - you were very brave & I am delighted it went so well for you. Well done!!!

Julie M said...

Well done, Liz. I'm feeling queasy just reading about it!!!! See you on Saturday. Julie

L-Bee said...

Well done Liz, you're a brave woman!!!

Check out my blog, I've given you an award!!