Sunday, 24 February 2008

Movie Night

Des & I went to the movies last night ... to a grown up movie. Must remember not to call it an adult movie, that brings to mind a whole different story!!

It was part of the Dublin Film Festival, but I just wanted to go as it was based on a Phillipa Gregory book I had read a few months ago, and LOVED !!

The Other Boylen Girl...


Based on the story of Mary and Anne Boylen. Of course most people know the story of Anne Boylen, but her younger sister was Henry's mistress first and for quite a number of years too. She had two children for him, a girl then a boy, the movie shows only one child. Its a facinating story and one I would highly recommend.

Phillipa Gregory makes history so interesting. You would think that reading or watching a story you think you know would be boring, but even so there is still a point when you hope Anne will not be killed. You still get that moment of shock when she gets beheaded....

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Our front Garden ...

First thing in the morning ... wow!!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Knickers!! Monica

Your Lucky Underwear is Yellow

You're an extremely happy, laid back, fun soul. And your lucky yellow underwear can help you get even more out of life.

In life, you rather play than work. You're apt to quit any task that doesn't nourish your creativity and inner child.

Sometimes your drive for freedom hinders your quality of life. You find it impossible to do anything unpleasant.

If you want to have responsibilities and still have fun, put on your yellow underpants. They'll help you make a party out of the most mundane tasks.

And the really funny thing is ... I have no yellow Knickers !! What is a girl to do

Some photos to share ....

I made this card for my mum & dad's wedding anniversary this week. 46 years married. We are already planning the party for four years time, all going well.

anninversary card

With thanks to Julie (FP) for the stencil which meant I could emboss!! That was fun.

Got this months Scrapbook Inspirations .. and with full credit going to Nicola Kerridge... I scraplifted this...

liz and liadan

I drew the flowers, then outlined the petals with markers, stuck buttons in the centre. Apart from being terrific fun ... it was a brilliant way of using up spare little scraps of paper.

Finaly again credit going to Scrapbook Inspirations ... designer Cara Medus...I tried out using the sewing machine on this one.

liam & sean

What is it with Wednesdays?

Wednesdays have long been the worst days of the week in this house. Whatever is going to go wrong with the week will happen on a Wednesday.

When I was giving up the cigarettes I found wednesday the hardest day.

Now take today for example. I had planned on going for a swim this morning, then watching Líadán for her swim session. Made sense to me... after all I was going to have to be up at the pool this morning, so why not combine a bit of me time while I was at it?

Instead what has happened ... Róisín is in her bed - apparently suffering from severe neck pain. Seán headed out to school allright. Then I get a phone call. Vomiting. So thats him home too.

Swim ... HA.

Wednesdays who'd have 'em. Kids too for that matter?!?!?!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Circle Journals to Signwriting...

How do you go from Circle journals to Signwriting... simple

I was almost asleep last night, thinking about what to do for Audreys lovely circle journal. Theme is easy enough - Shoes - but its got me thinking and thinking. Lying there thinking could I use the sewing machine to do stitching around the edges of the paper, and use my favourate cowboy boots in the layout. You see the connection? So then I am pondering the words I want for the page, and how to do them. Which led to me wondering if I would paint them. That led to thinking about the time I painted that wording on Róisín's bedroom. Which led to me remembering that my father's father worked as a Signwriter for most of his life. Easy really.....!!

I dont imagine that there is much call for signwriters anymore.

I am starting to dream about those blooming circle journals at this stage. This week was manic - I am currently in three circles and all three had a posting this week.

Thing is as they are all working on a three week rotation, its going to keep that way for a while!! I currently only have Audreys one to work on....

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Donneycarney Crop Time

I took Líadán along with me to the crop at Donneycarney. We had a nice time together, got some nice new stash!! of course. She behaved quite well, did start the "I'm bored" bit, but not till 2.30ish so that wasn't too bad.

laineys crop 1

laineys crop 2

With thanks again to Elaine Watters of Happy Day Memories.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Valentines Day Card.

We have a dont do attitude to Valentines Day in this house, like the vampires in Buffy, its kinda for ametures!! But I did paint this ....


Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday in St. Annes....

I was delighted with this photo of Roisin just daydreaming at the pond.... What sort of a trip to the park would it be if you didn't climb a tree?
Splash !!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Engagement Card

Made this for Gareth & Danielle for their engagement. The 2 is clipboard, tripple embossed with red glitter powder.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Wednesday Silly

Father and Son ....

Not !!

Desmond and his youngest brother Kieth.

It just struck me when watching them play that we - Des & I - are actually old enough to have been Keith's parents...