Saturday, 30 May 2009

Paperplay buttons ....

Poor scan .... but its a card with buttons !!

I went down to my desk three times with the intention of doing something with buttons, but the other two times it evovled into something completly different!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Birthday Photos

Líadán turned 10 at the weekend. Big birthday - I remember being chuffed to be 10 and into double figures! It's a bit of a milestone.

So there was a cake -

Of course a card -

In the morning - actually for most of the day Saturday - she had a gymnastics competition - and won another medal and a certificate -

Then there was a disco party - so we got one of these -

There was some dance moves - and some glow stick necklaces as props -

And some responsible use of the trampoline -

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Happy Birthday

To Líadán .... 10 years old today !!

Friday, 22 May 2009

My home - random photos...

Ramdom photos from my house ....

This is our bag lady - she is not used as much now as we all have those cloth reusable bags. But at one stage she was in regular usage ... still we like her.

This is my very small collection of glow in the dark Mary's and one little plastic Jesus (every home should have at least one ....) My mother in law brought the Mary's home from Lourdes for me. She hasn't gone in a few years so its a small collection.
This corner of the kitchen is starting to be filled up with art work. As the kitchen was repainted a few weeks ago - we are only starting to fill it up again. Its a bit bare at the moment.

One of the girls made this. You would think if I was any sort of a good mother I would remember which one (there are only two of them to choose from .....)

I learnt how to make origami cranes .... I have a plan for them ya know. It involves string ...

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Paperplay week 17 - fonts.

This week on paperplay the challenage is :

to use lettering as a strong feature of your work. Feel free to do anything else, use images, embellies, whatever - just make sure the sentiment or title stands out!

So as I had a 50th birthday card to make for my brother-in-law I did this :

Using a tabalbum from Kelly Papercrafts & basic grey Granola papers ....

Monday, 18 May 2009

Basic grey week 34.

Using the above sketch ---- I came out with the card below.

Used basic grey ganola papers - and my new hero arts background stamp.

Friday, 15 May 2009

All together now ....

Why does stuff always come together?

Like next weekend - I was skipping the crop in donneycarney as it was Liadan's birthday on the sunday and we were having the party on the saturday night
. Seventeen little girls in my sitting room for a 'disco party' ! And my sister-in-law-to-be is having her hen's night on the self same saturday night.

So now Liadan's gymnastics are having a competition on that Saturday afternoon - so we will be tied up with that from 2-4 and her party starts at home at 5....

Extra gym training scheduled for the sunday morning too...

Our schedule from today - Liadan at cookery lesson today, gymnastics training tommorow, sponsered walk for her school sunday afternoon, mosaic class monday, car in for a new clutch tuesday, art class for L. tuesday, wednesday nothing (so far), thursday second interview for me (yay !), friday retirement do , saturday - mad day - gym competition, disco party, hens night and then gym again on the sunday and a family day out for Liadan's 10th birthday while we are at it ....

And somewhere in all that there will be baking to be done....

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Paperplay week ... 16 ... flying high!

"The challenge is to use Wings on your project, Birds, butterflies, fairies whatever you like as long as it has wings "

I have used the papers and images I won a week or two ago, and have made two very girlie cards .....

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Basic Grey (& black ...and .......

Basic Grey week 33 ... challenage :
Black + Grey + 1

Now you may be asking what does the +1 mean, well this means that you can choose the third colour for your creation :), sounds like fun doesn't it :), now don't forget that you must also use at least 1 item from basicgrey somewhere on your creation, so have fun and we can wait to see your wonderful creations and what third colour you have chosen :)

Well I went with RED ...

Used : GREY cardstock - versamarked and chalked to add the swirls - BLACK ribbon - and RED from Basic Grey Cupcake papers ...

The image is one I won from Paperplay and I used pencils (5B, HB & 3H) to colour it ...

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Nutstown !!!!!

My lovely friend Dee (lucy's lounge ... link on sidebar) held the annual Nutstown Talent competition yesterday.

What a laugh we all had - great fun - great company - and excellent food with thanks to Rory for the lovely Indian fare.

We all tried our best to be a bit talented - and I have to say the kids were all brilliant. They sang, showed off stop motion movies they made, did ribbon dances, magic tricks, and played guitars. There was a craft section too - so we had wonderful cross-stitch, sketches, mosaic, felt cushions, and even a portrait of the host family made out of toys!

The lovely Dee dressed up for the occasion - first as Mary (?) and secondly as the beautiful Elisa Doolittle (well thats what it reminded me of anyway ...)

These three ladies spent ages making viking boats out of paper - and won this very apt prize!!

Head chef Rory took time out to introduce his new mucical purchase! He & Conrad rightly won the prize - as with only one hours tuition (via youtube) they stole the show ...

The crowd wait in anticipation for Stephen's project - on stick insects - which was most interesting ...

btw - don't ya love the walpaper!

Ellen - aged 15 - sang and played for us - a Missy Higgins number if I am correct.

I hope I have this guys name right - Rory? age 14 - he was wonderful - did a great version of the Beatles Blackbird - not an easy one to tackle. I thought he was great

Liadan did a ribbon dance for us ...

Later Stephen was good enough to introduce the stick insects to Liadan. Guess what she wants now?

My mosaic ....

I also did a demo of how to decorate a candle using a stamp, tissue, and some paper.... it went down well...

And the main thing ------ I won this wonderful trophy ........ !!!!

Which as anyone who attended can testify - I accepted with modesty and decorum (well if holding it above your head and doing a lap of honour counts as modest then I did !!)

Roll on next year ....... :-)

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Saturday, 2 May 2009

First time lucky ....

DS decided to try his hand at the euromillions as a first shot at winning the lotto. He won ...... €9 !!

Well - he's pleased anyway.