Saturday, 26 April 2008

What This Woman Wants!!

At a recent crop in Donneycarney Kiki had one of her Circle Journals on show. It was titled "What a Woman Wants..."

The layouts were all fantastic and the wishes ranged from hang-gliding, snowboarding, eternal happiness to the most common - to lose weight overnight!!

It set me thinking ...

Wishes aside - and you can read my three wishes below - I would give up every other wish (even the waking up a size 10 again tommorow..) if I could just have

............. a pain free life ................

If I could go through the rest of my life without this pain in my back I would gladly forsake all other wishes.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

I wish ...

I wish I had three wishes. I know exactly what they would be and winning the lotto would not be one of them.

For my first wish I would like to be able to be a wonderful singer!! You know when your asked to get up and sing at a party and you could be all reluctant and "ahhh no dont ask me" and act all coy. Then you could get up and blast them out of it with a wonderful singing voice. And they would be all stunned and amazed like.

For my second wish I would make me and Des taller - while keeping the height difference between us the same. So I could only get taller if he did too. Then I should be able to comfortably reach into the bottom of the shopping trolley at Aldi.

And for my last wish ... well I simply want to rule the world. I want to be in charge so I can give out to the idiots who feel like they have the right to park wherever they like, regardless of the inconvience to others. Or maybe I should just join the Guards and get a warrent card?

Saturday, 19 April 2008


Got my devine circle journal back from the girls on

cj cover
cj welcom

liz's layout
julie frogs layout


Maura's buns

julieM's lemon cake

Sandie's strawberrry cheesecake

Mandy's apple pie

Isobel's pineapple upsidedown cake

Linda's Banoffee pie

Kiki's corn cake


Isn't it fabarooney !!!!!! Going to start at the beginning and make each thing. Today its JulieFrog's apple cake.

Oh What a Hectic Life we lead...!!

What a manic two weeks its been.

Last week Des had to work away in Galway for the Tuesday till the Thursday night. That would be bad enough but he had to take my car ... sob sob. Which left me and Liadan having to go on the train. The train service is miles better than it used to be but its still turning my five minute drive to the school into a full half an hour journey. And then my five minute drive back from the school turns into a full hours walk back home as there is no train available.

So the morning school run that usually sees me about 15 minutes out of the house turns into almost two hours out of the house!! And the afternoon collection where I normally jump into the car at 2.30 and getting back with the child at 3 sees me leaving the house at 1.30 and not arriving back with child in tow at 3.30.

So I miss my car ... oh yea and I seriously miss my husband too...the beds too big without him.

As if that was not hard enough ...I was making the cake for Finbarrs 60th birthday party on the friday night.


So our Manic Weekend :

Friday night we popped into Cherry's Art Sale for a quick visit on the way up to Clonee for Finbarrs party. That was brilliant fun - great crowd in - party went on till 2am... the latest we have been out in a long long time.

Saturday was frantic too. Liadan had gym in the morning ... while I went to the monthly crop in Donneycarney. The crop was buzzing ..there seemed to be a lot of toing and froing and people giving stuff away. I even got tiles for the kitchen in Cavan !! (Thanks to Anne O Kelly x)

But it was a great afternoon. While I was there Des & Liadan slipped up to Corbys and set up the gazebo for the Party on there on the Sunday.

Then Des collected me, we got home had a quick bite to eat and then Des left to go to Gareth's Stag party. I was supposted to go to the Hen's but I had cried off from the beginning as I knew we had Finbarr's party on the friday.

We were also invited to Marie-Claire's party on the Saturday night .. but that was a non runner.

Des stayed over at Gareths and arrived home 12ish on the Sunday morning...

Sunday afternoon saw us over at Brian's birthday bash. Stayed there till almost 7 then straight from there to Corby's for their party. So it was almost 10pm by the time we got home.


Monday I restarted the Mosiac's class.

Monday afteroon I slipped out to Lesley - who by the way had her appendix out on the Saturday ...

Tuesday was a bit of a catch up day.

Wednesday I went to a silk paper making class.

Thursday evening I went to Annamaries workshop in Whitehall.

Friday evening we fell asleep on the sofa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Small wonder really.


The worst of it all ............They never cut the cake at Finbarr's party so we got none of it!!


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Dry Ice Fun

dry ice

We had great fun ... Des brought home a big tup of dry ice. The two girls loved it. Home School Science !!

dry iceing

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Saturday 5th April

Did a card demo yesterday morning in the school. I think it went well, it was all just women and cups of coffee and a good laugh anyway. I am not much of a card maker but Helen who runs the coffee mornings in the school is so so nice that when she asked me I simply could not say no.

Anyway at the end of it we were all talking about how nice it would be to have a craft club set up where we could regularly do our own thing and chat together. So I am going to look into doing that at the school. It would be a great social morning for me ....!! If nothing else.

Anything else exciting happen ... NO!! Did my weekly food shop in Tesco, did a cake for Janet which went down well. I forgot to take a photo ..ooops silly me!!

Then today we had a moochie type of day. Liadán went to gym so I got Des to bring me up and buy me a new wallet. Then a quick look for knitting patterns in Borders, I was hoping to find something nice but no luck. Home again. Then Des and I left the kids at home and headed to B&Q, got new toilet seat, new bin, and a basket of pegs. Oh the exciting high life we live... there is simply no end to the excitement!!

Off to a christening party tonight for our Grand-Niece ... yipes ... how old are we now!!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Bertie is Going !!! OMG

Just sitting here listening to the radio.

Bertie is resigning ... they blooming got to him.

So from the 6th of May we will have someone else.

Who ... Cowan I guess?!?

Wow... was not expecting that.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

What an unpleasent experience

Just home from Dublin city centre, where I had the pleasure of having my purse lifted from my handbag. There wasn't that much in it...but both credit cards and my laser card were there. Also we dont get paid till thursday, so the last of the cash was in there, not too much I think about 56 euro, but it was MY 56 euro!!

Thankfully I had left my return train ticket in my coat pocket, and I still had my phone.

I immediately phoned Des who had the cards cancelled within a half an hour of it happening, so we should be ok.

But I cant believe how shook up I am ... I cried all the way from the halpenny bridge to tara street station .. then started again on the train .. and of course when I got home Des was waiting for me so here I am crying again...

I hope the few euros they managed to get from me bring them nothing but bad luck.

And the most annoying part of it is that I only went into the city centre to get cake boards and was on my way over the bridge to the shop to get them.... so I still have to get the boards.

Still I know it could have been so much worse. I could have been attacked. I could have been hurt. I could have popped down to the post office and collected my childrens allowance ! Yipes ! So am so glad that I had decided to leave that till tommorow ... it also means we are not broke - yet!!