Monday, 25 August 2008


playing on the internet .... funnily enought when I uploaded this to the gallery there was one in Irish that had just been uploaded...!!

A couple of layouts ....

Still trying to use up the pink paisley spring fling papers, despite giving some away at a crop recently I still felt like they were hanging around. I still have some left (including a transparency)



Just as well I like them really!!

Scraplifted the idea for this one from somewhere and now I cant remember exactly where ... I think it may have been from 2peas ....I have had the circular paper for ages and its about time I got around to using it...



Friday, 22 August 2008

Three Kids ....

Havent posted any photos of the kids in ages ... . managed to get a rare enough photo of all three recently .. we had decided (well I had decided really) to all dress in black and white for my Dad's birthday ...


Workshop Update...

Another great night over at Whitehall. Its a great crowd. Annamaire runs the class very well. You would never be left stuck for what to do. And her kit is always so generous!!

Of course the having a cuppa handed up to you in the middle of it is simply devine!! Note to self - dont get coffee next time - I was awake for ages last night!!

The book is lovely - but not at all suitable for the photos I took with me. So I will stick to holiday photos and get it done over the next week.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Workshop night ....

Heading over tonight to Whitehall for a workshop with Annamaire from Her mum has promised us chocolate eclairs ... yum!!

Oh yea we get to scrap too....!!

We will be working on a mini book so I am printing out photos of the recent trip myself and the girls took to W5 in Belfast. Hope they are suitable.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Cards for my Dad & a layout....

Mum was having a hard time finding a card from herself to dad. She actually phoned me up to ask me to check out the shops near me ! So of course I offered to make one. She was trilled with it. I was pretty pleased myself. I had a bit of fun experimenting with the actual 70. I covered chipboard in black paper, stamped swirls with staz-on. Then used anitas clear embossing over it. I liked the finished effect.


I used Julie's teaching for the one from myself. Printed out the letters in reverse stuck them onto cardboard (used the back from an envelope) then stuck the paper on the other side...


Liadán got in on the card making too....


And a layout ... haven't done any layouts in ages.


(photos are a bit fuzzy .... sorry!)

70th Birthday cakes ......

Did two birthday cakes this month ... both for 70th birthdays.

This one for Mary who attends the crops, a woman who I had to admit I was AMAZED to discover she was celebrating her 70th. I honestly would have only put her as in her 50's.


Then it was my Dad's 70th the week after, so I went with a similar idea. I simply love those starbursts... so simple and easy to make but they look so well.


We made a bit on inroads into the cake saturday night ...


My Dad however (I think) is starting to look and indeed act his age. He enjoyed the get together on saturday...

Bad hair day? I think NOT ....

Liadán's hair can be quite specticular in the morning ....


but you know what ..... I think I beat her :-)


How to get a nice flat cake...

First make your cake mixture as usual, then place into tin, place tin onto flat baking tray/pitza tray ....


Then you need to find a baking tin at least two inches bigger than the size your using to bake your cake in, and invert it over the top of the other tin.


And bake as directed on the recipie. It may take about 7-10 minutes longer, and your cake may be slightly paler than if left uncovered, but it wont dome up in the centre. Giving you a nice even surface to decorate.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Ten Years Ago

This morning when I got up I had great plans for uploading some recent photos to the blog. But then I looked at the date, and a lot of the push left me.

Instead I have spent most of today thinking back on Omagh and the bomb that went off ten years ago.

Of the thirty one lives lost that day.

The saddest thing I ever heard was a man on the radio news this afternoon telling how while he was out in one town buying flowers for his wife's birthday, she was in Omagh with thier pregnant daughter and their 18 month old grand-daughter. All three generations lost.

And for what....

Sunday, 10 August 2008

23.00 Euro.

Thats the grand sum I took in at the Moynalty Steam fair today.

It would be a great day out, not a great selling day out. Next year we will leave the cards at home.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

The Summer Rain

Keeps falling falling and falling ...


The gutters seem to be copeing so far anyway...

The driveway is starting to fill up ..


Des went back over to DCU to pick up the two girls from a picnic (?!) what a day for it too.... took him just twenty minutes round trip this morning ... took a grand total of three hours and fifteen minutes this evening.

So when they came back L. & I donned our wellingtons ... and had a wee bit of a splash ..





Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Its tuesday morning and the electricity is back on....

Friday, 1 August 2008


That Was The Week That Was....

This past week has been such an improvment on last week!!

Monday I got word from my mum that a parcel had arrived from the states for me. YAY stuff! Sis and I had ordered glasses - L. got 6 pair and I got 2 and DH got a pair while we were at it.

My two pair of glasses - including perscription lenses - came to the grand total of 10 euro!! How mad is that.

Also in the package was a mini tote - black and white. Three basic grey paper pads (6x6), an Alphabet for the mini cuttlebug, two new stamps and some chipboard. So lots to play with.

Tuesday Julie M and her kids came over, so a nice bit of company too. Her DS & Liadan got on grand and we hardly saw them at all - he loved our garden.

Wednesday - my Crop A Dile arrived from the UK. So another new toy to play with. Everything in the house has a hole and an eyelet in it now. I kid you not.

Thursday we went up to pay the builder who has finished in Cavan. He was terrific. Did a WONDERFUL job, and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to anyone and everyone. And he gave us back some money !!

Today is friday .... and we had a running around sort of day. And it rained.

Photo a Day for August ...

Lainey had on her blog the idea of scrapping a photo a day for August. So I have decided to join her.

Seems like a goody idea.....

Why not try it too?