Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thursdays thoughts

Spent yesterday with my mum, got her flights sorted out for going over to America. I am so so glad she is going, its even better than I thought it would be as my two Aunts are able to go too.

So at least Auntie Ann will have all her sisters with her.

I got to talk to her last night too. Your heart would split in two for her, the poor poor woman, no mother should have to go throught this. He must have been so ill and so depressed to have taken this step. His troubles are over, but his family, they are just starting.

I always liked my auntie in a distant aunt sort of way, but two years ago I was lucky to get to spend five days in NYC with her, and that was when I learnt to really love her.

She is such a beautiful person, so kind and loving. I hope she can learn to live with this.


Dianne said...

It's so sad Liz. I hope your Aunt will find some comfort with her sisters around - the poor woman.

Neasa said...

God bless ye all. x

noelle said...

So sorry to hear this sad news