Monday, 27 October 2008

Bankholiday Monday........

And we are off looking for floor tiles for Cavan. I hate this type of shopping, hate having to make decisions about decoratrating stuff. I guess because I hate having to decorate. So I always want to just not do it, so we try to pick something and stick with it!! Our bedroom here in Dublin has not been repainted since I did it while pregnant with Liadán - who will be 10 next birthday.

Cavan now has the kitchen presses in and as of yesterday we now have a cooker - yay - now we can eat!! We have to bring up the fridge next - bit of a bigger job there. As far as I know you have to keep them upright?

Did a bit of crafting - one of the girls on craftsupplies was running a challenge to make a Halloween card. It sure was a challenge - all we got was three bit of paper!! One black one orange and one green. And we had to base it on a film that scared us - well as I don't really do scary movies I went with my favourite SK book :

And funnily enough that scene turned out to be top of the list on channel 4's 100 top scary moments!! How cool is that.

Did some stamping on candles ....:

And in other news I have been booked to do a card making demo and will be getting paid for it!! So trilled with that.

Will be giving away some blog candy soon ... if there is anyone out there !

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Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

great card Liz and I LOVE those candles they turned out wonderfully!!