Friday, 19 December 2008

Funny stuff kids say!!

Yesterday was Liadan's carol show in school. In the hall. The kids were all great - no surprise there! She enjoyed it enormously - which is the main thing.

However - some idiot of a man - whom we can only presume was another daddy - kept standing directly in front of me and Des. We always go to the back of the hall, that way we can stand up or even on chairs to see (the joys of being somewhat short). So there we are with our backs against the wall, Des has the camera in his hands, and this idiot walked in with his video camera - and despite that fact that there was nobody else there - he stood right in front of us!!

I had to ask him to move. Then he did it again - again I asked him to move. And do you know he did it a total of SIX times!!??

We would have thought we had an invisibility cloak on but when we told Liadan she says ....

"No mum - I could see you!!"

That was the funniest bit - she took our comment at face value!!lol

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Dianne said...

Excellent!!!lol. But how ignorant some people are :(