Friday, 30 May 2008


We got Seán the boxed set of season one of Heros for his birthday and late last week there seemed to be nothing to watch so I stuck disk one on.....

So now I am totally adicted !!

Its brill not having to wait a week to find out what is happening next :-)

Scraping last night and today....

Spent an extreemly enjoyable evening at Annamarie's (of workshop in whitehall. It was a great class, we knew it was going to be a vintage layout - but somehow I did not expect the papers to be so "modern" - yet we ended up with this :


Thats me in the photo. I know from my mum that its a red velvet dress that she made me for my 1st birthday - as she said she always wanted to have a little girl in a red velvet dress!! I must write that down somehow on the LO.

Then today I played with the leftovers - Annamarie is very generous with her kits !!So I did this :-


I quite like it but am slightly unsure if I should have gone with a white cardstock, but its stuck down now!! So I better learn to love it.

Fixed it Friday!!


Hair sorted out... I love love love the new cut. It was fun to fix, they were super nice to me (especially considering the holy show I made of myself on wednesday *blush*). I am a wee bit unsure if its too long on the top but I will live with that for at least a week to decide, and sure it can always be trimmed - I have sizzors here ----- how hard can it be?????

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

So disappointed and to be honest UPSET

I finally got around to deciding to go get my hair cut, so was all hyped up this morning to becoming transformed into a newer me!!

Spend a short time last night looking for ideas, and went to hairdressers this morning bright and early. Even took a photo of myself, pre cut, so I could possibily scrap the results.

Well I certainly want to scrap the results... but for all the wrong reasons!! I am so so disappointed with the outcome. I did go so far as to tell the hairdresser this, but do you know, I did not end up overly happy with that outcome either. I actually ended up sitting in the chair - crying (oh I am mortified at the memory now)



And after


If I dont look happy its because I am NOT!!

I did go back to them again, still a bit weepy truth to be told, and they have agreed to fix it.

So hopefully I will be a happier person in a day or two.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Wow its been a while...blush.

What have I been doing.....

Have been manic .. keeping up my mosiac class, and have actually done four now. Did one for Roisin up to chirstmas and gave that to her for christmas. Started one in January with the idea that I would do it for the house in cavan, but pretty much as soon as I started I went off it. But finished it anyway. Then I really got on a roll and did an Hello Kitty one for L. and a Rancid one for S.

Back to class tommorow and going to just see what glass is available to me and work from there. . . should be fun.

Made a few cards


Manic is not the word.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Wedding, Communion & New Doors...

Desmond's brother got married.


Carl's little girl made her communion and I made this wee handbag for her, out of an A4 card, a paper bag and some ribbon....


And then the very best of the weekend ... we went up to Cavan to find that the house now has interior doors ..


So our bedroom has gone from ...(January 2008)


To where we are now ....(May 2008)


How cool is that ?????????????

Friday, 2 May 2008

How not to break in new shoes

The lovely and extreemly helpful Helen asked me to help out with the bake sale in the school this morning.

First off can I just say that despite working in a bakery for a few months last year I have never seen so many cakes in one place before!! Every child must have brought in something. We could have created a small hill with the rice crispie buns alone.

It was all in aid of sending one of the EAL teachers to visit Unganda with a childrens charity - so a very good cause.

I dont know the final tally on the take in but its at least 700 euro - which is amazing for one mornings work.

We all of us helpers had a great time - I love the chance to get in to the school and talk to the kids like this.

Great example of the conversations ..:

I was chatting to a little guy I know from Junior Infants class .. lets call him Joe ..

Joe - My mammy made those rice crispie buns.
Me - I cant make them .. the mud never sticks to the rice crispies
Joe - NOOOOOO you have to use chocolate
Me - But then how do you get the worms in?

He had me sussed like a light ... still he gave me a lovely big cuddle before he left.

Getting back to the shoes



In my madness I had thought that I would road test the new kitten heal shoes I got for the forthcoming wedding I have to go to next week.

Bad Idea.

Sore Feet now.