Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Arn't Pears Nice?

Sitting here at the puter slicing into a nice pear.

Ages since I ate one, but stoped in Superquin on way home from school and it just popped into my head that I should buy a fact I got two. So I got a pair of pears - boom boom.

Its very nice.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Craftwork.....Just for a change.

The altered canvas we did at Lainey's January Crop, with close up of the tripple embossed heart (thanks for the help on that one Orla!!).
Circle journals. ... ... .. !! Three wee peeps. Actually can feel like I am getting better!

Saturday, 26 January 2008


Well .... wow ... work has sped along in Cavan. We have a path!! - and more importantly under that path is now a decent drainage system so the house won't be as damp anymore.
Thomas has leveled the garden -see centre photo - and my god .. what a size it is. We didn't reaslise it was quite that big.
And we have level flours .. not quite finished yet. But there used to be a very deffinate slope from one side of the house to the other. Final photo shows Des ... looking for something in the Hotpress (well eventually the hotpress will be there!!)

Going to See my House...

Yes ... I am excited ... today we are going to see our place in Cavan.

So I am officially excited about going to see....

a building site.

Sad - ?

Watch this space... hopefully I will have some sort of updated photos.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Stay At Home Mom .... Me Ar*e!!

When someone asks what you do and you use that lovely new modern word SAHM... it kinda conjours up images of a nice lady of leasure ... nothing much to do and all day to do it.

Stay At Home... that would be nice!!

Take yesterday for a prime example. What did I do...

Got up - eventually got the lads all out of bed and breakfasted. Made the lunches, sent the two eldest off out to get the train. Sorted out the little one - why oh why does that mean telling her every little thing she has to do?

Brush your teeth
Get dressed
Brush your hair
Find you shoes
Find your bag
Find your jacket

After a lot of telling we make it out to the car, and I bring her to school. I come home, sort out the kitchen. Dishwasher on for the first time that day. Got a text telling me that if I want to do my mosiacs class I need to go over and register.... there and then.

So drive over to Finglass ... manage to get a space in the advanced class - ADVANCED !! Ha.

Do a quick shop in Tesco - more milk.

Home again. Strip two of the beds, load washing machine for the second time and load up dryer for the first time.

Head out to NAC to watch Liadan swim, and help make sure she is dry and dressed afterwards. Thats a blooming minefield too... your in a changing room with lots of kids who are not your own, so you have to be very careful. Which is silly, when we were kids everyones mammy looked after whatever kids were in need of help.

Drove home again. Took the train into Pearse Street to get the id cards for the elder two so I can buy them weekly tickets. Train home again.

Made lunch for me & Des. Emptied Dishwasher, Dryer and reloaded Dryer from machine. Loaded machine for second time. Started again on filling up dishwasher........

Out to collect Liadan...

Home to empty dryer and reload from machine again...

Make dinner, clean up afterwards, and yay the dishwasher is full again!!

Then there is all the refereeing you have to do. Sorting out who is allowed on the pc, getting homework done, explaining just why they cant have that biscuit/bar/chocolate...

You know what I would love to get me .....


Sunday, 20 January 2008

Happy Birthday DESMOND

Well it was actually on friday the 18th but better late than never.

Friday turned into a manic day. After dropping Liadan into school, a quick stop at the blanchardstown centre, before heading out to Lesley for the morning. Had a grand time looking at all the nice stuff she got in NYC and hearing about her weekend.

Deirdra C phoned me while I was there to see if she could drop into me for a cuppa on her way to collect from the school. So I ended up arranging to meet up with her in her place after school, as she was bringing home a car load.

Left Lesleys, drove the 40 minutes home, ran in made Des's birthday card (how late is that!!), back out to the school, up to Deirdra's, round to the train station, picked up Sean & Roisin, in to superquinn, then home again home again, clean up house, decorate buns, and sit down to look all stress free and relaxed by the time Des walked in the door!!

Stressed - Moi !! Ha - actually not a bit.... sure didn't it all end up getting done anyway.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Interesting Numbers ...

Some interesting Numbers relating to today.... 16th January 2008

It is 26 years since Des first Kissed me.
I was 26 having Sean
Sean is the same age ... 16 years 11 months
as I was when Des first Kissed me...

now ... I find that somewhat interesting.... but no-one in this house thinks so.

Holiday Time --- WooHooooooooooooooo!!

We booked our holidays this week, its all coming together ... we booked onto the Ferry first - leaving Ireland on 19th June ... arriving France the 20th ...

Booked a four star four berth cabin on board, there are the five of us going , but the cabin has space for a cot, so we should be ok. The price includes a fully stocked fridge - including beer and wine. So that should make for a more pleasent crossing - and there is a telly in the cabin - so that will keep the lads amused for a few minutes.

For the first week we are booked in Camping Des Deux Fontaines near Quimper in Brittany. Yay happy days .. above is photo of swimming pool!! So we know we will have fun there. And alread I have the address of two craft shops in quimper ... so I am happy.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Funeral today....

We had a day out today. Joan's grandad passed away at the weekend so we went down to Abbeyleix for his funeral.

As the man was 93 and had a peaceful and calm death, with his family around him, it was not a sad day. He had a good life, and was in no pain at his death, which is a good thing, and about all we can all hope for.

Joan said they were all with him at the end and he was simily and happy till he went to sleep, passing away quietly an hour or so later.

I would hope my own death will be so good. It reminded me of my grandfathers passing. The last thing he said was to answer Auntie Betty's question if he was in pain ... so the last thing I remember him saying was he was grand and in no pain. Which is all we could wish for.

We stopped off on the way home at the Kildare Outlet village ... no suprise to say we boutht nothing!! We are just not design outlet people at all. And what was worse there was not even a shop to buy some chocolate !! I mean ... what sort of shopping village is that - not one I want to live in anyway ... :)

Monday, 14 January 2008

Comments !!!

Yay ... I am not actually talking to myself.

Or am I !!!!!!!!!!!

Giddy monday now.

Pens .... Pens ... Pens...

Where do all the pens go? We seem to spend a lot of our time searching the house for pens. Despite the fact that Desmond regularly allows some to follow him home from work, he does not I stress steel them ... they simply follow him, and of course they have does big weepy looking eyes and are so cute.

But try to find even one !! I guess its possible that they are off having a wild party with some socks.

Can you just picture it .. a disco party with pens, socks, perhaps some spare change.

Dancing the night away.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

almost time for ....

Pity these are last years ... but they look so pretty!!

Friday, 11 January 2008

Feelgood Friday !!

Well whatever was making me feel down on Monday has well and truly lifted today! Thank the Goddess..or whoever. I was probably just feeling down as we were enjoying our two weeks off from the school routine. But monday brought that all back down on us.

We booked our Ferry to France last night - which also helped a lot!! Five months one week and one day till we sail to france. But sure who's counting?

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Before Photos our Dream (?) Home in the Hills

What is there to say this is our bathroom, our bedroom, and our living room/kitchen as it is now. Thomas - the builder - pity his name wasn't Bob but there ya go.... well anyway he is starting work this week. So lets watch this space !!
Before we know where we are we will have somewhere we can actually end up calling home.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Moany Monday

Not feeling myself today. Truth to be told feel horrid. All aches and pains. But the worst of it all is the low feeling within myself. Its just this dull bored, dont care less type of feeling. Its not like depression, just a horrid lowness. And my chest hurts.

So now ... thats a moan done.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

We have been working all day...

Spent the day working up in Cavan. Smashing time was had by both!! Mainly Des to be fair. My involvement is to shift stuff. The house is amazing. As our builder commented today on seeing yet another suprise ... "No expense SPENT !!"

What did we find today.. well behind the toilet in the bathroom, we were pretty sure the old back door to the house was behind there. But to be honest we were supprised ... all the wall was made of was plaster board. Then there is a gap. And the old doorway is bricked in. The funny thing is the old door frame - and get this - the old door hinges are there !!

Still its left us with a good six to eight inches behind the toilet - so the builder recons we can recess the loo into it. Giving us a tiny bit more space in the actual room.

So thats something ...

Roisin's Hair..4th January 2008.

Hair This Morning .....

Gone this afternoon .....

New year .. New start..

13th of November was the last time I posted to this blog. Must try harder!!