Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thursdays thoughts

Spent yesterday with my mum, got her flights sorted out for going over to America. I am so so glad she is going, its even better than I thought it would be as my two Aunts are able to go too.

So at least Auntie Ann will have all her sisters with her.

I got to talk to her last night too. Your heart would split in two for her, the poor poor woman, no mother should have to go throught this. He must have been so ill and so depressed to have taken this step. His troubles are over, but his family, they are just starting.

I always liked my auntie in a distant aunt sort of way, but two years ago I was lucky to get to spend five days in NYC with her, and that was when I learnt to really love her.

She is such a beautiful person, so kind and loving. I hope she can learn to live with this.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Bad News

My youngest cousin Alex (25) has been having difficulties in his life, lost his job, his girlfriend and got into some trouble with the police.

Anyway it all must have gotten too much for him.

He shot himself in the head.

We dont know exactly when yet, they found him yesterday. His Dad and Brother-in-law are travelling up to his place in Texas from New Mexico to identify his body, and have him cremated before bringing his ashes home.

What a loss. My poor Auntie ...what she must be going through. Its just so hard to even think about.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Bankholiday Monday........

And we are off looking for floor tiles for Cavan. I hate this type of shopping, hate having to make decisions about decoratrating stuff. I guess because I hate having to decorate. So I always want to just not do it, so we try to pick something and stick with it!! Our bedroom here in Dublin has not been repainted since I did it while pregnant with Liadán - who will be 10 next birthday.

Cavan now has the kitchen presses in and as of yesterday we now have a cooker - yay - now we can eat!! We have to bring up the fridge next - bit of a bigger job there. As far as I know you have to keep them upright?

Did a bit of crafting - one of the girls on craftsupplies was running a challenge to make a Halloween card. It sure was a challenge - all we got was three bit of paper!! One black one orange and one green. And we had to base it on a film that scared us - well as I don't really do scary movies I went with my favourite SK book :

And funnily enough that scene turned out to be top of the list on channel 4's 100 top scary moments!! How cool is that.

Did some stamping on candles ....:

And in other news I have been booked to do a card making demo and will be getting paid for it!! So trilled with that.

Will be giving away some blog candy soon ... if there is anyone out there !

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Smells of October


Leaves falling


Bonfires - but not just yet

Best of All.......

the three fruit cakes I am baking today!!

Oh the smell in the house is just devine.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Swap Stash....!!

I was feeling very low and blue one day last month so I arranged a swap group on Eighteen girls signed up and we were up and running.

I now take my hats off to anyone who has done these before with bigger numbers...there is a lot more involved in sorting out who has who than I imagined.

But it all went well and I got some lovely stash from a mystery giver as the girls did some jiggling to ensure I got from a secret sender!


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Up to Date....

Dont seem to have a minute to myself lately. So must update the blog now.

Mosiac class has restarted again on Mondays, this session I am making the splashback for the kitchen in Cavan. So far so good, got the drawing transfered onto the wood, and got a start last monday. Forgot to take my camera with me. So will update this with a photo soon.

Started a crochet class too last wednesday. That was great fun, have not crocheted in years but it came flooding back. Made a wee hat, its a little too big for Liadan's dollys but she has taken it gladly. Have started on one for her now, she insists it must match 'tiny tear's' one.

We got a bit further on the kitchen in Cavan ...

Wednesday, 1 October 2008