Saturday, 15 November 2008

Six things....

I have always liked the number six...


6 TV Shows I like

1. Desperate Housewives
2. Property Ladder
3. House Hunters
4. Scrubs
5. Friends
6. Grand Designs

(you can see we now have "the sky"!!)

6 Things that Happened Yesterday

1. I skipped the gym and went to Tesco instead. Should have gone with option A.
2. I drove out to Walkinstown just to get a school book.
3. I got badly lost in Walkinstown.
4. My kids ate all three packets of the bickies I bought in Tesco.
5. I spent the afternoon cutting up bits of glass for my Mosaic.
6. My mother turned 69.

6 Things I am looking forward to

1. Christmas. Cause I hate the run up to it. We are so so busy.
2. Getting older.
3. Having a nice glass of wine later tonight.
4. The craft fair.
5. Wednesday nights card demo.
6. Bedtime.

6 Things on my wish list

1. Laser Eye Surgery.
2. Magically becoming a size 12.
3. Range Rover Discovery silver - I would settle for a green one.
4. To be taller overnight about four inches.
5. For Des to be taller by about the same! .. to keep the proportions correct.
6. I guess the winning lotto numbers would come in handy too!!

So how about you?????????????

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