Monday, 14 July 2008

One week later....

Well that it then the holiday is well and trully over ... the weather put a full stop on it if nothing else anyway.

Its been a busy enough week. Tuesday was wash day - the place looked like a chinese laundry. Wednesday we took ourselves and Liadan up to Cavan for a spot or two of painting ...


I honestly think she got more on herself than she got on the walls, it was like having ...I dont know how to describe this ... some sort of disneyfied leprecaun beside you ... she just get bursting into fits of giggles. I guess you have to be nine to really enjoy painting!!

We got the sitting room and bedroom painted. Well the first coat anyway.

Took the two girls off into town on Thursday - Roisin was due her birthday pressie. She choose to go and spend it all in Hickeys...bought two paper patterns, various lenghts of material and came away a happy bunny!!

Thursday evening I got across to another great workshop run by Annamarie. And more importantly lovely company, and pavlova made for us ..yummy. A perfect tonic.

Friday I got to Lesleys. We are pondering the idea of a weekend away together. Which would be nice, just have to figure out where now.

Nothing much happened over the weekend, went window shopping for beds, and shot a few arrows. I nearly lost one .... Des nearly lost one ... and then while we were out Sean did lose one.

But we found it today .... so alls well that ends well... :-)

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