Friday, 25 July 2008

Ikea Roadtrip.

What a long day. 14 hours on the road.

What did we buy ....

A full kitchen, complete with worktops, taps, sink, base and wall units, and even with the carosol yoke for in the corner press (which saves you climbing into the blooming press to get stuff out....can see that coming in very handy)

A sofa bed and a spare cover for same.

A coffee table

A side table

A hall unit for Cavan

A new duvet

Floor covering for Liadan's attic "den"

A nightlight for Liadan - looks like a wee ghost - mega cool.

An alarm clock

A vegetable peeler

A colandar

A dish drainer

Two anti stick mats

A hall unit for Dublin

Two new tressle legs for my desk in Dublin

A shelf

Kitchen rail - goes on the wall and you hang stuff off

Spice rack

Three kitchen storage tubs

And six large wine glasses

And we spent one thousand eight hundred euro.

Not too bad really.

What did we forget to get - - well there was bound to be something .....all we forgot was the handles for the kitchen presses - yay what a result.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic day, Liz!

Btw, have left you an award on my blog!

Dianne said...

Wow that was some haul!! I got so jealous just reading the list!
I used to live in Wembley/Greenford - always 30 mins away at the most, from the nearest Ikea & I never left the shop empty handed!!

L-Bee said...

Wow Liz..... Felt like I was on the Generation Game!!!!! He! He! You certainly shopped till you dropped!!!!

Ditto on the award... see my blog

j said...

wow liz,talk about shop till you
I love the corner press carousel,it is brill & does save lots of time rooting for
I have yet to take a trip to Ikea,not sure why tho.Oh yeah now i know,it would mean i would have less to spend on crafting....roflol!!!!!

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

omg you got all that for that price!!!!!!!! woohoo, thats brilliant! Hopefully someone is heading back to ikea at some stage and they can pick you up some handles!