Sunday, 20 July 2008

Car Crash

Well not exactly a crash but it was dramatic.

Coming out of the house in Cavan Des decided to turn left for a change, but it was a kinda last minute decision. And we ended up with the front side wheel down a ditch.

It seemed funny enough till he turned and asked me to get into the back... when I got out of the car and looked at the back left hand wheel about a foot and a half in the air !!

Yippes ....

Me and Liadan sitting over one side of the back did not work. So we took her out for a start. Then we tried Des sitting in the back, then Des jumping up and down on the back of the car.

Then he got around in front of the car, I had it in reverse, revved the fcuk out of it while he pushed. For a little guy I have to say he is fierce strong ... he pushed the car out of the ditch. (ok I know the engine helped ... but he really did do it...!)

Only thing is .... we think the power steering is gone wonky, the car was handling oddly all the way home. It was making a strange noise to start with too, but thats gone now.

I think its because we were talking about how we had some money left over from the house renovations - we spoke about it IN THE CAR. So the blooming thing heard us. And now we have to spend some of it on THE CAR.

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Dianne said...

LOL at the car having ears!!!

So glad you are all ok though!!