Thursday, 19 June 2008


Today is the day. At last we have finally reached the off. We are heading off to France on Irish Ferries Oscar Wilde 5pm sailing. Arrive in Roscoff tommorow morning 10 am.

My back is still quite bad, but is deffinately on the mend - which is the best we can hope for at the moment - I am living on the painkillers and waiting for the Anti-Inflams to truely kick in.

The plan today is to drive for an hour, then get out and walk around for at least another hour, then drive again for the last hour and a bit. That should keep me ok.

Tommorows drive is only expected to be another two and a half hour job. But again we will break the journey.

Spent most of yesterday trying to pack, very difficult for me. I find it very very hard to ask for help... and the blooming teenagers are not much help anyway. Its no good if you have to go looking for them to do some minor task that you can normally just do yourself without thinking about it. Who would think that you could miss being able to put on the washing!!

Darling Eldest Daughter has had to repack her stuff ... we had to tell her that even though we are bringing the car there still was not room for her five big bags of stuff!!!!!!!!!!

The Boy has decided to stay up all night so that he can sleep tonight on the ship, so expect him to be like a bag of cats by four o clock. He is already living on coffee ..... there will be a killing later.

Ah no sure it will all come together in the end ... wont it?!?

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sandidune said...

have a wonderful time Liz, oh la la style!