Monday, 16 June 2008

Irish Health System

So anyway after the fair yesterday my sisters little guy arrived in with his dad and sister. He had crashed his bicycle into a pole in the phoenix park and knocked out one of his baby teeth.

He looked dreadful ... his lip was all cut and swolen up very badly. He also looked to me, my sister and one other mammy there ...totally out of it and shocked to the core.

So my sis took him straight up to the A&E, in Mullingar as its the nearest to their house, and was only really a short drive from where we were.

He was seen by a nurse first off, then the doctor checked him out and thankfully was happy to discharge him with the advice to go to the dentist this morning to be on the safe side.

They were back out in there car so quickly that they did not qualify for parking charges!! Took all of 25 minutes ....

And people knock our health service.... She rang me there just a few minutes ago, they have seen their local health service dentist this morning and all is well.

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