Monday, 16 June 2008

First try at selling cards .....

Well I set up a stall selling cards on Sunday at our school summer fair. It was perhaps not the best arena for selling craft stuff, as people come along looking for absolute bargains, but it went remarkably well really.

I have been making making making away for about a month now, and did up some framed blank scrapbook pages too.

I went with 3 euro each for the cards or two for 5 euro so there was some element of a bargain there.

I only sold one frame, but the cards did go well, and I ended up taking in 140 euro altogether. Which I think was pretty good really.

What did I learn ?

Firstly to bring something for me to do, it was quiet at times and I should have set myself up with a small work table and been pottering away. It would have looked good too...shown people that they are very diffinately handcrafted!!

Second lesson was with the scrapbook frames, I will print out some mock photos and insert them into the frames, so people get a better idea of exactly how they work. I spent ages explaining what was very obivous - to me anyway- to a woman on sunday, so a mock up may be easier for people.

But aside from that it was a good day.

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