Tuesday, 1 April 2008

What an unpleasent experience

Just home from Dublin city centre, where I had the pleasure of having my purse lifted from my handbag. There wasn't that much in it...but both credit cards and my laser card were there. Also we dont get paid till thursday, so the last of the cash was in there, not too much I think about 56 euro, but it was MY 56 euro!!

Thankfully I had left my return train ticket in my coat pocket, and I still had my phone.

I immediately phoned Des who had the cards cancelled within a half an hour of it happening, so we should be ok.

But I cant believe how shook up I am ... I cried all the way from the halpenny bridge to tara street station .. then started again on the train .. and of course when I got home Des was waiting for me so here I am crying again...

I hope the few euros they managed to get from me bring them nothing but bad luck.

And the most annoying part of it is that I only went into the city centre to get cake boards and was on my way over the bridge to the shop to get them.... so I still have to get the boards.

Still I know it could have been so much worse. I could have been attacked. I could have been hurt. I could have popped down to the post office and collected my childrens allowance ! Yipes ! So am so glad that I had decided to leave that till tommorow ... it also means we are not broke - yet!!

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