Saturday, 5 April 2008

Saturday 5th April

Did a card demo yesterday morning in the school. I think it went well, it was all just women and cups of coffee and a good laugh anyway. I am not much of a card maker but Helen who runs the coffee mornings in the school is so so nice that when she asked me I simply could not say no.

Anyway at the end of it we were all talking about how nice it would be to have a craft club set up where we could regularly do our own thing and chat together. So I am going to look into doing that at the school. It would be a great social morning for me ....!! If nothing else.

Anything else exciting happen ... NO!! Did my weekly food shop in Tesco, did a cake for Janet which went down well. I forgot to take a photo ..ooops silly me!!

Then today we had a moochie type of day. Liadán went to gym so I got Des to bring me up and buy me a new wallet. Then a quick look for knitting patterns in Borders, I was hoping to find something nice but no luck. Home again. Then Des and I left the kids at home and headed to B&Q, got new toilet seat, new bin, and a basket of pegs. Oh the exciting high life we live... there is simply no end to the excitement!!

Off to a christening party tonight for our Grand-Niece ... yipes ... how old are we now!!


Elisa said...

Go on! Start a card/scrapbooking class

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

Fantastic, well done on the class!! Yeah do give it a go, I hope it takes off for ya!

littlebit said...

Thanks girls. It would be more of a club.... and its only around the corner from the hall we use in Castleknock so your all very welcome!!