Thursday, 24 April 2008

I wish ...

I wish I had three wishes. I know exactly what they would be and winning the lotto would not be one of them.

For my first wish I would like to be able to be a wonderful singer!! You know when your asked to get up and sing at a party and you could be all reluctant and "ahhh no dont ask me" and act all coy. Then you could get up and blast them out of it with a wonderful singing voice. And they would be all stunned and amazed like.

For my second wish I would make me and Des taller - while keeping the height difference between us the same. So I could only get taller if he did too. Then I should be able to comfortably reach into the bottom of the shopping trolley at Aldi.

And for my last wish ... well I simply want to rule the world. I want to be in charge so I can give out to the idiots who feel like they have the right to park wherever they like, regardless of the inconvience to others. Or maybe I should just join the Guards and get a warrent card?

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minerva said...

the parking thing drives me crazy! I don't drive but who thinks they have the right to park on the pavement or across a roadway? I'd love to ask them what makes their lives so much more important than the rest of us. In our town people think parking rules don't apply if you are late for mass either.Grrrr