Saturday, 29 September 2007

Loads O'Photos!!!

Have been creating loads this week. And snapping loads too !! Got this lovely paper in I.Ideas this week...they are starting to sell loose sheets now... so did this nice layout of Róisín & Pals...

So I guess Líadán had the making bug as she created this .... they may just be a prize for quessing what it is !!

Well actually I will just tell ye !! It is a witch. For halloween. Made out of a cake doily, a hat, a jam jar, a hair clip and a plastic drinking cup. All lovenly finished off with googley eyes.

She is delighted with it anyway.

So got the double page layout finished for kiki's circle journal...sneaky out of focus photo here.

Sneaky out of focus image !! And I "pimped" the wee bag that came with the wee t-light butterfly we got Jade for her birthday....

Feeling very old when I am buying birthday presents for my son's girlfriend.

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