Monday, 1 October 2007

Monday moan....

Monday moanday !! Ah no sure thats not fair really. I actually had a pretty good day. Walked in the park this morning..the trees are looking great .. all reds and golds with bits of green still peeping through. And as its back to the weekdays the joggers are gone, the weekday people have some time, so we WALK, none of this silly running business for us!!

Worked on a Sisters layout all morning ... turned out well. This is like an adiction...cant seem to stop scrapping ..what was it I used to do with my time? Well I used to spend a lot of it out of the house wandering around the shops, buying useless stuff. And a lot of the time I used to buy clothes for the kids, mainly the smallest one.

So now most of my money goes on bits of paper, pens, sticky stuff, and my time is spent looking through photo after photo after photo.

Could be worse ... couldn't it ?!?!?!?

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