Thursday, 13 September 2007

Junior cert ... done !!!

Well thats it then. The results came out yesterday. The school were holding the results back till 3pm. Which was fine by us. I could see no harm in them doing that. Not with our laid back lad anyway.

So I switched off the house phone yesterday morning.. and just stuck with me mobile. That gave me the chance to screen the calls!! I had no intention of talking to my smarmy brother about this whatsoever.... he drives me nuts ... feels you should expect nothing less than an A from the kids all the time.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So anyway...

Seán got .... ta da ...

One - A
One - B
Five - C
Two - D
One - E
One - F

Strange mix ... but the child had never got an honor before in his life. Got an A in history despite never having passed this in the school tests in three years !!!!!

Which shows what can be done when a child with severe dsylexia gets to do his exams onto tape and the writing element is taken out of the equasion.

Just think what he could have done if he had put even one ounce of effort into it !!!!!

Trilled for him anyway... proud as punch...and its got to do his confidence (which is sky high anyway) the world of good :)

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