Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mosaic Work - redoing the splashback.

I havent completly fallen off the radar - just been facebooking really. Mainly I have been cutting up bits of glass and stickin em onto bits of wood!

You may remember i did a splashback for the kitchen in Cavan last year ...see http://littlebit-alittlebitofstuff.blogspot.com/2009/07/kitchen-mosaic-and-why-it-needs-to-be.html and you may remember that I was not overly happy with it. Actually I was not a bit happy ..

So I have been redoing it - bigger and (I think) better :
This is it ... two out of the three panels ...
I like that its a bit busier than before ..
I am paying more attention to detail this time around too ... and have gone with small small pieces for the black background whereas I tried to do large the last time.
I love the little fairy at the corner of the 'garden'

1 comment:

jaboopee said...

the images are really small so it's hard to get a good luck at it liz but what i can see looks really gorgeous.
the fairy is a complete dote....i'd love to see a bigger photo of it .