Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Mosaic - better image?

Hopefully this is a clearer image of the mosaic. Hopefully !! I wish my photography skills were better - was thinking this morning (as I had a lovely walk in the park) that come September and the evening classes are re-starting I may just join a photography class or club even.


jaboopee said...

it looks fantastic liz , i think its blogger can be the problem in that the size is too small but when you cllck on this photo it goes to a bigger size ,and you see everything in all in beauty and glory... i love the fairy.....i'm going to be putttin a fairy or two into the st bridgid mosaic.

tisme said...

Okay from the little thumbnail that appeared I thought Jigsaw...and all that black! Mosaic is fantastic. Love the colours of the flowers against the back backgroud. Now if only I had that patience!