Thursday, 23 July 2009

Kitchen Mosaic ... and why it needs to be redone!

So brought the completed - and grouted - mosaic panels up to cavan at the weekend. And as I suspected - they are too small!!
So I am going to have to redo them all. I want to make them 'busier' too - I dont feel there are enough flowers in them at all... so the next ones will be bigger and better !!
I enjoyed every minute of making these - so I can't say I am upset at all!
On a side note - doesn't the kitchen look great!


Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

looks fantastic liz!!! amazing work of art! can I have one done for my kitchen please!

hugs mandyxx

jaboopee said...

they look amazing ,really fantastic,
i don't think you should redo them , a black trim on each side would tie it together like a frame ,
i love the black, its really effective and the detail you've put in is just gorgeous, you should be dead proud ,the kitchen looks amazing too, the only thing is that microwave has to go its hiding your beautiful mosaics.

Julie M said...

Oh no - after all that work, what a bummer. But, both mosaics and kitchen look completely fabulous. I agree with jaboopee - put black trim around - don't redo them!!