Friday, 1 August 2008


That Was The Week That Was....

This past week has been such an improvment on last week!!

Monday I got word from my mum that a parcel had arrived from the states for me. YAY stuff! Sis and I had ordered glasses - L. got 6 pair and I got 2 and DH got a pair while we were at it.

My two pair of glasses - including perscription lenses - came to the grand total of 10 euro!! How mad is that.

Also in the package was a mini tote - black and white. Three basic grey paper pads (6x6), an Alphabet for the mini cuttlebug, two new stamps and some chipboard. So lots to play with.

Tuesday Julie M and her kids came over, so a nice bit of company too. Her DS & Liadan got on grand and we hardly saw them at all - he loved our garden.

Wednesday - my Crop A Dile arrived from the UK. So another new toy to play with. Everything in the house has a hole and an eyelet in it now. I kid you not.

Thursday we went up to pay the builder who has finished in Cavan. He was terrific. Did a WONDERFUL job, and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to anyone and everyone. And he gave us back some money !!

Today is friday .... and we had a running around sort of day. And it rained.

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Polly Peirce said...

How much? That's terrific value for the glasses; wow! At that rate none of us will ever shop on this side of the pond again...