Friday, 2 May 2008

How not to break in new shoes

The lovely and extreemly helpful Helen asked me to help out with the bake sale in the school this morning.

First off can I just say that despite working in a bakery for a few months last year I have never seen so many cakes in one place before!! Every child must have brought in something. We could have created a small hill with the rice crispie buns alone.

It was all in aid of sending one of the EAL teachers to visit Unganda with a childrens charity - so a very good cause.

I dont know the final tally on the take in but its at least 700 euro - which is amazing for one mornings work.

We all of us helpers had a great time - I love the chance to get in to the school and talk to the kids like this.

Great example of the conversations ..:

I was chatting to a little guy I know from Junior Infants class .. lets call him Joe ..

Joe - My mammy made those rice crispie buns.
Me - I cant make them .. the mud never sticks to the rice crispies
Joe - NOOOOOO you have to use chocolate
Me - But then how do you get the worms in?

He had me sussed like a light ... still he gave me a lovely big cuddle before he left.

Getting back to the shoes



In my madness I had thought that I would road test the new kitten heal shoes I got for the forthcoming wedding I have to go to next week.

Bad Idea.

Sore Feet now.

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