Thursday, 20 March 2008

Didn't we have a lovey day ... Eventually.

We had the most roundabout day, we had to go up to Cavan to meet with our builder, who has been working on our place up there since the first week in January, and only now has asked us for some money .... when he is almost finished.

So we had to drive up there first, two and a quarter hours due to road works in f**ing Kells ( I hate that town).

And then ..... he was not there !! But the place is looking fantastic. He has the walls done, the new hotpress sorted. He has the upstairs floored and the ladder in. Its cool upstairs. I bagged one room, Des the other!!

So we then had another two and a half hour drive across NI to Belfast. Stopping off for something to eat, small choice, as usual ...

But once there it was very easy to find the way to Ikea. You simply head out to the George Best Airport and Ikea is right beside it. Its signposted, thanks to the AA!!

The place is HUGE. But its easy to make your way around by following the arrows, that way you get to see everything. Its very well set up and everything in the catalogue is on display. And nearly every colour version was there too.

We picked up two storage shelving systems designed for kids stuff and a desk top and have made a new work area for me!! No excuses now.

The drive home was much easier, we went straight down the motorway, stoped at Dundalk for something to eat. Spotted an Italian restraunt and car parking space just when we had decided to give up and go to McDs!! The food was delish.

I spent yesterday assembling them and moving my stuff from the corner of the sitting room down to its new home in our bedroom. The shelves are very high, seeing as we picked up the wrong ones, but its made a cool looking workstation. I need to pick up a bar stool type of chair to be able to reach the table! But I am trilled with it.

Amazing amount of stash to be moved ... how come the more storage space you have the more stuff you seem to need to store?

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