Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Crafteire - Part One - Friday.

Wow what a weekend. Non stop make and do....!! What more could a girl ask for.

I got collected from my house and brought to the hotel on Friday afternoon, thanks again M. for the lift. It was great to have a bit of company for the journey down. Booked in at 4pm and had fully intended to spend the afternoon, or at least some of it, down in the swimming pool. But took off the shoes and socks, realised I was hungry so was really indulgent to myself and ordered room service!! First time I have ever done that, but it was so worth it. So spend the afternoon watching telly before having a shower and getting ready for the evening. Where lets face it I did not know what was ahead of me.

So headed down to the crop room for 7, where we were handed name tags - very official and important looking neck wear. We were also handed a bag of three different papers and told to make something !! All we were allowed to use was our imagination, a photo, and pens. It was amazing how many different variety's of scrapbook pages could be produced from the same papers. I was very happy with my layout even thought I knew it was not going to be a winner.

Then about 45 of us adjourned to the hotel resturant for dinner. The food was great, dispite being from a set menu. I had chicken salad, pasta, and then some jelly like desert. Service was dreadful. No-one came to take drink orders, and we had to ask the same waitress four times for a wine list. So an otherwise excellent meal was let down by human error. Which was a mistake on the hotel's part as they could have had 45 women sitting drinking all evening ... instead we were all up and back to the crop room straight after dinner.

Scrapped till 11, at which point I figured that I had better phone Desmond, to say goodnight. Went back into the crop room but was starting to flag so I was back in my hotel bed by 11.45. What an evening.

To be continued ....!!

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