Thursday, 6 March 2008

Crafteire - the Final Part...

Sunday ... slept better the night before so didnt waken as early. Felt much better for the rest, despite knowing that I was up and about at 2am.... part of me feeling like I should have simply stayed in the bar!!

We got well and trully stuck into the class today. It was brilliant. We started off with making a mini book out of six by twelves and bamboo sticks - the type you use to test a cake (or when your having a barbeque).It was certainly interesting and tonnes and tonnes of making in it. Not sure if I would ever make it again and still have to finish it. But you never know the day you will end up glad you know how to do something!!

After that it was the messy end of the day, painting the tyles we made the night before. Our table quickly dispensed with the paintbrushes and went for the baby wipes!! There were powders and glitter to be added after the paint.

Lunch was much better today, except for the instruction of where to go... "Lunch will be in the ABC room, for those of you who dont know where that is, its where the shop was the first year Crafteire was on!" .. yes very helpful. But a kindly waitron took us there. We were at big round tables this time, which makes conversation much easier. At least you can see everyone at the table.

After lunch it seemed like no time till we had to finish up and go home. Yet it was 4.40pm!! Des & Liadan came down to pick me up, which I was glad of, and which worked out well, as we stoped off at Corby's on the way home.

Dee & Fred ordered in Chinese for us all and a bottle of wine later and I was home again home again. Took me till Monday afternoon before I really got a chance to look at all my lovely stash!!

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