Wednesday, 20 February 2008

What is it with Wednesdays?

Wednesdays have long been the worst days of the week in this house. Whatever is going to go wrong with the week will happen on a Wednesday.

When I was giving up the cigarettes I found wednesday the hardest day.

Now take today for example. I had planned on going for a swim this morning, then watching Líadán for her swim session. Made sense to me... after all I was going to have to be up at the pool this morning, so why not combine a bit of me time while I was at it?

Instead what has happened ... Róisín is in her bed - apparently suffering from severe neck pain. Seán headed out to school allright. Then I get a phone call. Vomiting. So thats him home too.

Swim ... HA.

Wednesdays who'd have 'em. Kids too for that matter?!?!?!!

1 comment:

Neasa said...

Hope everyone is feeling better now Liz. Where you went wrong that day was to make plans. NEVER make plans. It can only backfire on you..... {{hugs}}