Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Circle Journals to Signwriting...

How do you go from Circle journals to Signwriting... simple

I was almost asleep last night, thinking about what to do for Audreys lovely circle journal. Theme is easy enough - Shoes - but its got me thinking and thinking. Lying there thinking could I use the sewing machine to do stitching around the edges of the paper, and use my favourate cowboy boots in the layout. You see the connection? So then I am pondering the words I want for the page, and how to do them. Which led to me wondering if I would paint them. That led to thinking about the time I painted that wording on Róisín's bedroom. Which led to me remembering that my father's father worked as a Signwriter for most of his life. Easy really.....!!

I dont imagine that there is much call for signwriters anymore.

I am starting to dream about those blooming circle journals at this stage. This week was manic - I am currently in three circles and all three had a posting this week.

Thing is as they are all working on a three week rotation, its going to keep that way for a while!! I currently only have Audreys one to work on....

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