Saturday, 5 January 2008

We have been working all day...

Spent the day working up in Cavan. Smashing time was had by both!! Mainly Des to be fair. My involvement is to shift stuff. The house is amazing. As our builder commented today on seeing yet another suprise ... "No expense SPENT !!"

What did we find today.. well behind the toilet in the bathroom, we were pretty sure the old back door to the house was behind there. But to be honest we were supprised ... all the wall was made of was plaster board. Then there is a gap. And the old doorway is bricked in. The funny thing is the old door frame - and get this - the old door hinges are there !!

Still its left us with a good six to eight inches behind the toilet - so the builder recons we can recess the loo into it. Giving us a tiny bit more space in the actual room.

So thats something ...

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