Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Funeral today....

We had a day out today. Joan's grandad passed away at the weekend so we went down to Abbeyleix for his funeral.

As the man was 93 and had a peaceful and calm death, with his family around him, it was not a sad day. He had a good life, and was in no pain at his death, which is a good thing, and about all we can all hope for.

Joan said they were all with him at the end and he was simily and happy till he went to sleep, passing away quietly an hour or so later.

I would hope my own death will be so good. It reminded me of my grandfathers passing. The last thing he said was to answer Auntie Betty's question if he was in pain ... so the last thing I remember him saying was he was grand and in no pain. Which is all we could wish for.

We stopped off on the way home at the Kildare Outlet village ... no suprise to say we boutht nothing!! We are just not design outlet people at all. And what was worse there was not even a shop to buy some chocolate !! I mean ... what sort of shopping village is that - not one I want to live in anyway ... :)

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