Sunday, 20 January 2008

Happy Birthday DESMOND

Well it was actually on friday the 18th but better late than never.

Friday turned into a manic day. After dropping Liadan into school, a quick stop at the blanchardstown centre, before heading out to Lesley for the morning. Had a grand time looking at all the nice stuff she got in NYC and hearing about her weekend.

Deirdra C phoned me while I was there to see if she could drop into me for a cuppa on her way to collect from the school. So I ended up arranging to meet up with her in her place after school, as she was bringing home a car load.

Left Lesleys, drove the 40 minutes home, ran in made Des's birthday card (how late is that!!), back out to the school, up to Deirdra's, round to the train station, picked up Sean & Roisin, in to superquinn, then home again home again, clean up house, decorate buns, and sit down to look all stress free and relaxed by the time Des walked in the door!!

Stressed - Moi !! Ha - actually not a bit.... sure didn't it all end up getting done anyway.

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