Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Stay At Home Mom .... Me Ar*e!!

When someone asks what you do and you use that lovely new modern word SAHM... it kinda conjours up images of a nice lady of leasure ... nothing much to do and all day to do it.

Stay At Home... that would be nice!!

Take yesterday for a prime example. What did I do...

Got up - eventually got the lads all out of bed and breakfasted. Made the lunches, sent the two eldest off out to get the train. Sorted out the little one - why oh why does that mean telling her every little thing she has to do?

Brush your teeth
Get dressed
Brush your hair
Find you shoes
Find your bag
Find your jacket

After a lot of telling we make it out to the car, and I bring her to school. I come home, sort out the kitchen. Dishwasher on for the first time that day. Got a text telling me that if I want to do my mosiacs class I need to go over and register.... there and then.

So drive over to Finglass ... manage to get a space in the advanced class - ADVANCED !! Ha.

Do a quick shop in Tesco - more milk.

Home again. Strip two of the beds, load washing machine for the second time and load up dryer for the first time.

Head out to NAC to watch Liadan swim, and help make sure she is dry and dressed afterwards. Thats a blooming minefield too... your in a changing room with lots of kids who are not your own, so you have to be very careful. Which is silly, when we were kids everyones mammy looked after whatever kids were in need of help.

Drove home again. Took the train into Pearse Street to get the id cards for the elder two so I can buy them weekly tickets. Train home again.

Made lunch for me & Des. Emptied Dishwasher, Dryer and reloaded Dryer from machine. Loaded machine for second time. Started again on filling up dishwasher........

Out to collect Liadan...

Home to empty dryer and reload from machine again...

Make dinner, clean up afterwards, and yay the dishwasher is full again!!

Then there is all the refereeing you have to do. Sorting out who is allowed on the pc, getting homework done, explaining just why they cant have that biscuit/bar/chocolate...

You know what I would love to get me .....


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