Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mammy-in-law's birthday

My Mammy-in-law was 70 this week. And earlier this year - at my niece's communion - I jumped in and offered to make the cake. One of my sister-in-laws (I have seven of them) works in Superquinn ... who would want to have been her these past two weeks!! scary times for her, her daughter and my brother-in-law who have all been wondering about their jobs - but I digress ....

Anyhow - said sis-in-law usually gets the walshies birthday cakes - but not this time !! This time I got to play around a little.

I as per usual did not manage to get a good photo of the cake but it was terrific!

I used a decent (read a lot) of edible glitter and had a ball. Despite a disaster when baking the bottom layer when I completely forgot the recipie and had to throw out a large cake!! Thankfully I then remembered how to bake and away we went.

The top layer was chocolate - and delish - and the bottom was vanilla - and I got tired and didn't go ahead with the third layer!!

It was a major hit at the party and I have managed to already secure two further bookings on the foot of it!

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