Sunday, 6 November 2011

Happy Girls ....

We have not been able to have cats for a number of years as Liadan was alergic. She was also severely asmathic but has been off any medications for about three years now. So we really wanted to be able to have cats again.

Earlier this year I signed up with the DSPCA and became a foster 'mum' to an adult cat and too kittens, and we were able to test the waters with L, safe in the knowledge that we could give back the cats if need be!

The end result is that we now have two kittens :

Who are rapidly turning into cats! They are loving our garden now that they are settled enough to be let out ... although they did manage to get stuck up a tree!

And clearly Liadan seems to be ok !!

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Julie M said...

They're lovely, Liz - real little tigers!!