Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Nutstown !!!!!

My lovely friend Dee (lucy's lounge ... link on sidebar) held the annual Nutstown Talent competition yesterday.

What a laugh we all had - great fun - great company - and excellent food with thanks to Rory for the lovely Indian fare.

We all tried our best to be a bit talented - and I have to say the kids were all brilliant. They sang, showed off stop motion movies they made, did ribbon dances, magic tricks, and played guitars. There was a craft section too - so we had wonderful cross-stitch, sketches, mosaic, felt cushions, and even a portrait of the host family made out of toys!

The lovely Dee dressed up for the occasion - first as Mary (?) and secondly as the beautiful Elisa Doolittle (well thats what it reminded me of anyway ...)

These three ladies spent ages making viking boats out of paper - and won this very apt prize!!

Head chef Rory took time out to introduce his new mucical purchase! He & Conrad rightly won the prize - as with only one hours tuition (via youtube) they stole the show ...

The crowd wait in anticipation for Stephen's project - on stick insects - which was most interesting ...

btw - don't ya love the walpaper!

Ellen - aged 15 - sang and played for us - a Missy Higgins number if I am correct.

I hope I have this guys name right - Rory? age 14 - he was wonderful - did a great version of the Beatles Blackbird - not an easy one to tackle. I thought he was great

Liadan did a ribbon dance for us ...

Later Stephen was good enough to introduce the stick insects to Liadan. Guess what she wants now?

My mosaic ....

I also did a demo of how to decorate a candle using a stamp, tissue, and some paper.... it went down well...

And the main thing ------ I won this wonderful trophy ........ !!!!

Which as anyone who attended can testify - I accepted with modesty and decorum (well if holding it above your head and doing a lap of honour counts as modest then I did !!)

Roll on next year ....... :-)


jaboopee said...

That was great liz,
Judge elaine here dropping by your blog to say hello and well done on your worthy prize and OHMYGOD! i've just seen the large mosaic panels your working on.....they look amazing,fantastic ....and every other word to describe something brillant.
looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

lucyslounge-dee said...

hi liz thank you so much for your kind comments. it was great to have you and your family there yesterday. i had a great day i can't believe the talent, my goodness! thanks again for the beautiful plaque i will really treasure it d