Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Birthday Photos

Líadán turned 10 at the weekend. Big birthday - I remember being chuffed to be 10 and into double figures! It's a bit of a milestone.

So there was a cake -

Of course a card -

In the morning - actually for most of the day Saturday - she had a gymnastics competition - and won another medal and a certificate -

Then there was a disco party - so we got one of these -

There was some dance moves - and some glow stick necklaces as props -

And some responsible use of the trampoline -


jaboopee said...

looks like great fun and congratulations to the birthday girl gymnast. great cake and card too.

Petshae said...

that CAAAAAAAAKE - i love it! looks like a good day. i think any party should have a trampoline ;) kids enjoy them and when the kids go to bed,,,, so do tipsy adults ;)