Tuesday, 28 August 2007

New Shoes & Flowery Cakes

Trip to town. Got new shoes for Líadán, lovely lovely new Doc Martins!! I love them. And seeing as how they are so nice and good for her feet, we bought two pair.

It should have been a fun trip to town, buy I had a teenager with me. So it involved a lot of sighing, tutting, and looking bored. But I tried not to do that too much !!

We did venture into Eason on O'connell street, and up to the first floor, for notebooks, but the queue !! My god has everyone in Dublin decided that Monday 27th of August was stationary buying day?

I took them home again. Well you have to really.


Remembered that I had made two small cakes on Saturday. So decided to play with the new cutters. Ok so they are supposted to be used for making roses. But I had some coloured sugarpaste and a few minutes on my hands so....

Then I figured I would try a black and white version....

This should have been easy peasy lemon squeezy. but it took so much paste to make the black that the icing was sticky. Stuck to my hands, to the roller, to the worktop, to blooming everything. So its quite plain. But effective. Will give the black & white another shot some day.

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