Monday, 22 June 2009

Craft fairs - the death of ... (yay)

I did a craft room at my youngest daughters school yesterday ... and thanks to getting a part time job recently I am very very glad to be able to only do them by choice now !!

Its so much work getting stock built up, and at times having to make stuff takes the joy out of it. Then the actual day is hard work, and so much of it depends on other people ... its just hard.

The location yesterday was pants too .... *rolls eyes* .... and that was something beyond my control too ...

So rant over - and on with the week.


Dianne said...

Sorry to hear that Liz

Petshae said...

its only sun when you chose to do it.... that sounds a bit/... pants (the day) a shame, but now it is no longer expected of you so you can enjoy it again :)

Julie M said...

Phew - now that that's over you can do fun-crafting again. See you soon, I hope!!